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CLAUDE ANTHONY SHIPMAN, SR was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He admired Julian McBrowne, Brooklyn's only black pharmacist at that time and he decided to pursue that as his career. He completed his degree in Pharmacy in 1954 and proceeded to own two community-based pharmacies for over 30 years. Mr. Shipman was dedicated to health and wellness in the Black community. He also took great pride in personally delivering prescriptions to senior citizens and sending care packages to clients in and out of town. Shipman's Pharmacy is still an independent pharmacy, now owned and operated by HENRY P. CUNNINGHAM, a devoted mentee.


HENRY CUNNINGHAM was born in Panama and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Immediately after receiving his degree in Pharmacy in 1983, he was recruited to work at Shipman's Pharmacy. He also extensively studied the proper use of Chinese herbology, acupuncture and holistic healing. This exposure to natural medicine gave him the desire to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine and he implemented the Alternative and Natural Medicine segment of the local pharmacy. His passion for healthier living drives him to incorporate herbal alternatives in accordance with prescriptive drugs.  

During the pandemic, local customers desperately sought his advice and therapeutic regimens on everything from relieving anxiety to boosting immunity for themselves, or for loved ones near and far.  As this need progressed, the "online store" was created allowing patrons at a distance access to numerous brands of trusted wellness products that could yield them their desired result.

​HENRY continues the pharmacy legacy by giving one-on-one personalized attention to his customers. He still delivers prescriptions and sends out care packages, just like his mentor.

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